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Anomaly Detection/Prediction is able to detect and predict abnormal equipment conditions by analyzing the time-series data from various sensors 

Equipment operating status

Time-series data can be acquired 24/7, and the operation status of equipment in the factory can be monitored by arbitrary operation definitions.

Data collection / cloud system

By simply connecting to the IoT unit and making simple settings, you can visualize the data via the cloud and check the data and analysis results online.

Tesseract IoT & AI Platform Architecture

An Advanced IOT & AI Platform

TESSERACT’s IoT / AI platform consists of an IoT unit including sensors and a cloud system, and we are building an integrated system from data acquisition, data storage, AI learning, and AI inference.

According to customer’s needs, data collected from oT unit such as microphones, vibration sensors, temperature sensors, voltage / current sensors, etc.  will be sent to the secure cloud system developed in-house.

In addition, by setting the optimized learning method based on the acquired data, it is possible to build a highly accurate AI-learned model.

What do we provide

Main Features


Optimal data acquisition

Data acquisition at the manufacturing site is not simple. Noise data (noise, oil, shavings, etc.) are ubiquitous. Therefore, we support the installation of various sensors in the optimum location and acquire high-quality data using the IoT unit. In addition, arbitrarily sampling conditions enable optimal data acquisition.


Secure Data Storage on Cloud

TESSERACT's cloud system is linked to the Amazon cloud service, and data is stored in the storage and database of the Amazon cloud service. Therefore, the acquired data is stored in the highly secure Amazon cloud service, and the important data of our customers is stored reliably and safely.


Unique AI learning function

For the AI learning function, the base AI learning model is set, and it is possible to easily make AI learning. In addition, it is possible to arbitrarily change the settings of the AI learning method, and it is possible to create an optimal AI learning model by using the acquired data and the AI learning method.

How we Help you Succeed Solutions

Automatic Inspection

Inspect the full volume and surface of various products and profiles in many manufacturing industries, such as metal, aerospace, transportation, power generation, and oil & gas.

Product Sorting

Sorting products is a vital part of the supply chain, as it identifies foreign materials or products that do not meet the well-defined standards set. It is making sure all unqualified produce are filtered out.

Human Behavior Recognition

Using high speed video cameras and motion analysis software, one can monitor and analyze assembly lines and production machines to detect inefficiencies or malfunctions.

Facial Recognition

The emerging use of facial recognition is in the use of ID verification services. Along with behavioral recognition, it will help improve productivity in manufacturing

Time-Series Forecast

Using the AI models trained with data collected from various sensors, will help predict machine conditions and inventory volume to save cost and boost revenue

Speech Processing

Speech processing, which includes automatic speech recognition is beginning to have a significant impact on business, industry and ease of operation of personal computers

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