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The metaverse is an upgrade from the traditional online world and a combination of Web3 technologies like Blockchain, Internet of Things and Virtual Reality. Businesses can implement metaverse across industries to gain an edge into a new era of the Internet. 


There will be an exponential need for buildings and property in the metaverse, and architecture can virtually create anything they want with unlimited creativity. The metaverse will bring all architects together in the same room to join the greatest minds.


Advanced 3D render technology of machines or machinery parts, along with big data analytics and predictive modeling, can help business run a full production cycle, prevent defects and downtime, and maximize equipment performance.


Metaverse is the ideal place for advertising, as long as you do it right. There will be banners and billboards as well as every other forms of advertising, with a large number of targeted audience in the metaverse. It is a marketing dreamland.

Ecommerce and Retail

Ecommerce has been a buzzword these days and the metaverse is going to accelerate this field. With the introduction of NFTs and NFT marketplace, ecommerce will reach a whole new level, where users can not only buy real life goods but also in-game.

Media and entertainment

With the metaverse, the content creation industry will experience rocket growth, as all music, video, audio content will be delivered to users in the most engaging and creative ways. Media in the metaverse will also lead other industries.


The video game industry has had metaverse since its inception. 3D avatars and world-building can already be found in early games like Sim City, Minecraft and Second Life. The trend shows that interactive and more immersive gaming will only continue.

Production-grade Platforms

We meet the need for industry-standard metaverse platforms and technologies that build the base of modern metaverses.


Spencer Thomason

CEO - Clean Router

“They’re very agile and able to use the technology you need to solve the problem, not the other way around.”

the Three-stage architecture

Stage 1: Infrastructure Building

Similar to the real world, we build the underlying infrastructure of the metaverse that allows multiple users to conduct different activities at the same time.

Stage 2: standards & protocols

Once the infrastructure is finished, our next step is to set up standards and protocols. Developers should keep in mind security standard for safety.

Stage 3: Fill metaverse with content

Once you have an infrastructure and proper standards, the next step is to populate your metaverse with diverse content, avatars and various activities.


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