The emergence of artificial intelligence opens the way to new development potential for our industries and businesses.  One of the most outstanding services of Tesseract Labs is image recognition built to improve your processes and increase your productivity. 

     Image recognition, a subcategory of Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence, represents a set of methods for detecting and analyzing images to enable the automation of a specific task. It is a technology that is capable of identifying places, people, objects and many other types of elements within an image, and drawing conclusions from them by analyzing them.

     With an image recognition system or platform, it is possible to automate business processes and thus improve productivity. Indeed, once a model recognizes an element on an image, it can be programmed to perform a particular action. Several different use cases are already in production and are deployed on a large scale in various industries and sectors.

     For example, in the telecommunications sector, a quality control automation solution was deployed. In fact, field technicians use an image recognition system to control the quality of their installations. Another example is an intelligent video surveillance system, based on image recognition, which is able to report any unusual behavior or situations in car parks.

      Image recognition can therefore be deployed both in telecommunications and video surveillance, but also in the construction and pharmaceutical industries.

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