1. Monetize from investment returns with crowdfunding projects.

It is not at all that you will buy a cryptocurrency at a low price and sell it at a higher price for a profit.
You can make money by investing in startups with Blockchain technology or you can start your own company, operate and develop blockchain.
Blockchain-based startups are a good strategy when it comes to crypto-related investments. There have been successful companies like Brave, Binance, UniSwap, etc. And if you invest in these companies, specifically in the early stages, you could become a millionaire with a small amount of money.
Do your own research on these potential Blockchain development companies. It is necessary to evaluate the goals and work ethic, the results achieved and the general metrics before you make any decision on investing money in these companies.

2. Making money from arbitrage trading?

A major advantage of the cryptocurrency market is its high independence from external controls and regulations. That fact allows such large price fluctuations and spreads to occur between exchanges.
Let’s start by choosing a coin you like. Then check out the different prices quoted on a bunch of different exchanges. When you find a broker that sells it for a low price, buy it. Then all you have to do is find another exchange where the coin is trading at a price above its market value. You need to look for a spread between 5-40%.
Once you are satisfied with the offered price, simply sell the coins you just bought to the higher priced exchange. And that’s all!
Note that you may end up paying a little commission on both exchanges and therefore you will need to take this into account while calculating profits.

3. Earn money from Bounty programs.

What is Airdrop and Bounty?
Airdrop is the process of issuing free tokens to users’ wallets, it is often used in advertising strategies, introducing ICO projects to attract users to participate in the coin project community. To put it simply, an Airdrop is an account registration and referral for people to register for an account of unlisted coins to receive free tokens. Currently on the market Airdrop is used for ICO/IEO/IDO projects to attract participants as well as increase the excitement of the project. Others are planned and executed very well or released unexpectedly.
– Bounty (also known as bounty hunting) is a form of issuing free tokens to users’ wallets when they perform tasks required by the ICO project such as liking, sharing facebook, translating articles, writing post… from there, users will receive an amount of tokens corresponding to the things they have done as required by the ICO project.
To participate in the Airdrop and Bounty program of cryptocurrency projects, you need to prepare a few things as follows:
  • Computer (desktop or Laptop/tablet) and mobile phone (smartphone recommended)
  • At least one email account (Gmail is recommended for its high security and ease of use) and a mobile phone number (recommended to use a separate phone number)
  • Social media accounts:
    • Social network account required to participate (most projects require): Bitcointalk (reputable website of the crypto community); Telegram; Twitter; Facebook
    • Social media accounts should have (some projects require) Linkedin; Reddit; Youtube; Instagram; Discord.
  • Cryptocurrency wallets: depending on the project, they require different crypto wallets such as ERC20, KRC20, Neo, Wave, EOS or the project’s own wallet, but most crypto projects currently use wallets. ETH aka ERC20 wallet is the main one.

4. Earn from the referral program of a cryptocurrency project

When cryptocurrency projects are launched to increase users, they will set up preferential policies for users to be interested in and also to share products to new users. The bonus programs are basically a bonus in the upcoming cryptocurrency itself, which the user then uses to trade with the previously available cryptocurrencies at the market rate. Making money in this way is not limited to referring friends to use products and services.

5. Launch an crypto exchange, or become a market maker to earn exchange/transaciton fees

Cryptocurrencies which create value need to generate transactions, thereby leading to business opportunities for investors in exchanges and marketplaces as a place to exchange, buy and sell and collect transaction fees.
To be the owner of a crypto exchange, you need to build its reputation up, and invest into the exchange infrastructure system in order to make transactions faster, safer. However, the more and more crypto projects lead to various sizes of exchanges, markets with different spreads and trading policies, thereby increasing the value of the currencies.
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