Many businesses are looking at advanced automation as a way to deal with the new normal. The COVID-19 epidemic has altered corporate dynamics and how we operate. YouTube, for example, offers over a billion hours of video every day to 2 billion logged-in viewers. Automation software is conducting more content filtering because there are fewer humans at the company’s offices across the world, according to a recent blog post.“We have started relying more on technology to help with some of the work normally done by [content] reviewers,” the company said.

Supercharging automation with AI:
Client desire for automated procedures that reduce tedious, monotonous activities and enhance humans to deliver superhuman results more quickly is driving our new normal. To satisfy this need, we’re using artificial intelligence (AI) to boost automation and enable businesses to automate a larger range of operations, as seen in the examples below:

Across business and IT, task elimination focuses on small, repetitive activities. Employees will be able to perform more deliberate work if these activities are automated. PayPal, for example, has resorted to chatbots to fill the void left by closed offices, employing them for a record 65 percent of message-based consumer enquiries in recent weeks. PayPal stated in a statement that: “The resources we are able to deploy through AI are allowing us to be more flexible with our staff and prioritize their safety and well-being,”

Task augmentation aids, speeds up, and boosts employee productivity. With the increasing usage of online services during the coronavirus epidemic, AI-powered customer service agents can serve more users, reduce service waits, and improve consumer advocacy with a single agent. AI is used to determine user intent, gather data, and determine the nature of the problem that the client is requesting the firm to address. Then, without involving a person, an automated workflow may look into various resolutions. That stated, the most effective type of task augmentation occurs when people and AI systems collaborate to achieve the intended result.

We are aggressively trying to improve automation technologies toward AI-powered automation in order to accomplish these goals. AI-powered automation is described as a continuous closed-loop automation process in which data patterns are identified and evaluated so that decisions based on data insights may be converted into automated actions, with AI offering proactive improvements at each level. Actionable intelligence is used in AI-powered automation to provide IT and business activities faster, cheaper, and with a better user experience.

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