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Cutting-edge Technologies

create new opportunities & strengthen competitiveness

Together with our partners, we’re always striking our best to deliver the world-class IT services & solutions with the next-gen technologies.


With our blockchain experts, we provide a wide range of blockchain-based solutions from centralized to decentralized ones, including apps/d-apps & platforms

AI & Big Data

We're here to help you optimize business activities & empower businesses by providing diversified AI & data analysis solutions

IoT & Cloud

With the advent of the digital high-speed connection infrastructures such as 5G, IoT & Cloud solutions are going to help the digital transformation faster than ever before, and open many business opportunities as well

Proven Methodologies & Tech Stacks

Optimize Cost & Guarantee Quality

We wisely choose the proven management methodologies such as Agile, and tech stacks for each project based on the partners’ requirements to boost the team productivity. As a result, we are able to deliver the product at an affordable cost & high quality.  

Proven management methodologies

With experienced & well-certified project managers, we make sure the proven management methodologies such as Agile will be tailored for each project to improve productivity and meet the timeline

Industry-grade Tech Stacks

By our tech gurus having experienced various tech stacks and systems, we guarantee to provide the best solution to our partners in term of cost, time & quality

Our Services

We provide IT & Business solutions

We deliver full-cycle IT services that cover all aspects of Software Engineering, including requirement analysis, design, development, test, deployment and handover

Understand your needs

Working closely with you to deeply understand your needs

Decide Tech Stack

We will pick the most suitable tech stack & system architecture based on your needs or requirements

Software development

Form a team of experts to work on the solution for delivering the best outcomes in term of cost, time and quality

Deploy the Deliverable

For cloud-based app, the deliverable will be deployed & configured on a production-grade private or public cloud platform such as AWS and GCP

Test the Deliverable

We make sure the product will be tested well in term of functional and non-functional requirements


As the product is ready to ship, we will transfer the whole setup & configured system to you to take over

Why Choose Us

Bring the Best Tech solutions & Opportunities in the digital Era

With our world-class experts, we have a strong belief in providing the best solutions, and creating much more value to your business


Our team consists of experienced and well-certified experts in the cutting-edge technologies

Transparent & Proven Development Process

Tesseract always believes that effective communication is the key to a successful partnership. We ensure our partner will be closely involved in every development phase.

Full-packaged Services

We is going to take care of your engineering or software part to allow you focusing and optimizing resources for other business aspects


Are you ready to partner with us for a long-term success?

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